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How to save money on top brand photography gear

save money on top brand photography gear

In this post I am sharing a great way to save money when purchasing quality photography gear.  I am talking about items that are normally fairly expensive but are highly desirable. Read on if this sounds good to you.  This is how to save money on top brand photography gear.

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How to save money

So, what I am talking about is buying preowned equipment, in excellent condition, for a great price.  But rather than buying from a private party that is a total stranger, and taking your chances, I am suggesting a much less risky approach. A method that comes with a warranty from a reputable national company.

I am not usually a big fan of buying technology items used.  I rarely do it, because there is a lot of risk and no warranty.  You don’t know how those things have been treated and handled, so normally I buy new close to full price or slightly discounted.

An awesome discovery

I happened across KEH Camera.  This is a large online photography gear seller that specializes in both buying and selling preowned items.  The thing that really intrigued me was that they thoroughly evaluate, test and grade each item they receive. Plus they have onsite repair specialists.

I decided to try them out and it worked out great for me.  I got a really nice Canon lens that usually retails for $2,399.00 for $800.00 and its like new.  THIS is how to save money on top brand photography gear! below is a photo I took with this exact lens.

Bonus Deal!!

Save up to an additional 20% off regularly priced used equipment at KEH Camera by using this link!

Applicable discounts applied during final checkout

Female Mallard out for a swim. Taken from about 150 feet away

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Save money on top brand photography gear

Selling used gear made simple

The lens purchase worked out so well, that I decided to try selling some old gear.  I had a lens that I didn’t use much, so I thought I would see if I could turn it into some cash.  Selling to KEH Camera turned out to be so super simple, I couldn’t believe it.

There process for selling used gear goes like this:

  • Open a quote request
  • Describe your item make and model, estimated condition, etc.
  • A quote is generated for you to consider
  • If you like it and want to sell, they generate a paid shipping label for you
  • You pack the gear up well and send it to them
  • They receive the gear and put it through a test and evaluation process
  • They send you a revised quote and if you accept, they pay you
  • If not they send you item back to you

— >>> Click here to visit KEH Camera and request a quote

In my case, they gave me what I considered to be a fair price quote.  So, I sent the lens to them using their prepaid shipping via UPS.  They got the lens and took about 3 days to test and evaluated it.  This included taking several reference photos used to check focus accuracy, sharpness, etc.

Once they completed to the testing, I got a revised quote, and to my delight it was for $70 more than they originally offered me.  Needless to say, I was surprised and thrilled.  Of course, I accepted and received my payment.

I am now a fan and loyal customer of KEH Camera!  Any time I am shopping for gear or have something to sell, they are going to be my first stop.

Some examples of value

While I was writing this post, I went on to KEH Camera and looked around at their stuff for sale.  Here are a couple of example items.  Note they may and probably will be gone by the time you look at this, but I wanted to give you a feel for their offerings.

Item one is a Sony Alpha A7R version IV mirrorless DLSR, 61 mp.  A seriously high-quality camera that is still the latest model of Sony Alpha.  It is listed as being in Excellent Plus condition, which means basically same as new.  It’s listed for $2,727.22.  The full retail price is $3,498.00

Item 2 is Nikon Nikkor 24mm wide angle lens, F/1.4.  Nikon lenses tend to run a bit expensive new.  This one is listed as Excellent condition.  Used price is $873.36.  Full retail price is $1,799.95

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Bonus Deal!

Save up to an additional 20% off regularly priced used equipment at KEH Camera by using this link!

Applicable discounts applied during final checkout

Save money on top brand photography gear

Hard to go wrong

The two items listed above come with free shipping on orders of $49 and a 180-day warranty.  Stuff you buy on eBay or Craigslist come with a ZERO DAY warranty.  Now that’s how to save money on top brand photography gear!

KEH Camera also has a wide variety of other photography gear, such as tripods, misc. accessories, lights, video equipment, drones, binoculars, scopes, etc.

They will also repair photography equipment, and those repairs carry a 180-day warranty 

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Summary – how to save money on top brand photography gear

Getting a great deal on top quality preowned photography equipment a great way to save money.  Plus, it’s a great way to get some awesome gear for your camera bag and accessories kit. 

Doing this via KEH Camera ensures that the items you get are in excellent working order.  Plus, you get free shipping for orders over $49 and a 180-day warranty.  What more could one possibly ask?

I also need to let you know that I now an affiliate with KEH Camera, so I will earn a commission if you click a link in this post and make a purchase. I was also compensated for this post. (but I would have written it anyway because that’s how much I believe in them)

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