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I don’t know about you, but personally I learn a lot better if I’m taking in small simple bits of information, in the proper context and learning how to make it useful, how it applies to other things I’ve learned, and how to start chaining those little bits of info together to really master the subject I am trying to learn.  When you learn it in small pieces its easier to understand and to retain.  Simple Photo Tips is all about that!       Read More

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Simple Photo Tips

Is a photography learning and improvement blog.  Mixed in with the tips and tutorials, will also be product reviews and recommendations.  Here you will find a posts on just about any topics related to photography learning.

You can scan through the blog archives to see whats there and new posts are added regularly.

This blog is administered by, and most of the articles are written by Loyd Towe with a little help from the folks at the Facebook group Photography Bloggers Nation

You can read more about Loyd on the About Me page.  You can also see Loyd’s Fine Art Landscape Photography by visiting his Online Store.

Are you fairly new to photography and just getting started?  You should consider visiting this post 6 Things A Beginner Photographer Needs to Know.  Pick up some simple photo tips to help get you started!

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