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Welcome to Simple Photo Tips, the photography learning blog for beginners, amateurs and anyone looking to improve their photography skills and knowledge. The website logo, a lens aperture with a green check mark says: Photography? yeah I got this! At the heart of this website is the blog, where our simple photo tips are presented to you in an easy to digest format.

You will find everything photography related in the form of how-to’s, product and service reviews, etc. Feel free to look around. We recommend starting with the blog archives. Therefore, we also suggest bookmarking this site so you can return whenever you want to learn mode.

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Personally I learn a lot better if I’m taking in small simple bits of information. Provided in the proper context and helping me learn how to make it useful. How it applies to other things I’ve learned. And how to start chaining those little bits of info together to really master the subject I am trying to learn. Learn it in small pieces, and therefore it’ easier to understand and to retain. Simple Photo Tips is all about that!

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