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Hello, I’m Loyd Towe, nice to meet you

Photography is my passion

Get To Know Me.

I am a professional photographer living and working in Portland, Oregon.  I have been doing photography for over 13 years and spend time traveling all around the Pacific Northwest taking pictures of the natural beauty.  

My passion is landscape photography, and I have a somewhat obsessive affection for reflections.  As a result I am always in search of still waters with a mirrored surface to point my camera toward.

My other pastime is creating and managing this blog site dedicated to helping people become the photographer they wish to be.

I didn’t grow up wanting to be a photographer.  I had no idea this was going to be my eventual destination.   I stumbled onto photography because I got a digital camera when they first started becoming popular.

Then I became curious how it all worked, so I started reading the manual and a few articles online.  Then people started appreciating my work more, so that made me want to learn even more.   Repeat that cycle several more times, and I suddenly find myself selling my work, creating online portfolios and so on.  

Now I am passing on all the stuff I have learned, both from reading and from doing.  I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but that’s good because I can help you avoid them.

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What is behind Simple Photo Tips

The internet is bursting with information on the topic of photography.  Technique, theory, gear, editing, etc.  There is so much out there, most of it dense and technical and dry.  Page after page, with no context.  Lots about “the what” and “the how”, but not so much about why and when.  Some of it is very good, but it gets lost in the noise. Then there is all the contradictory information.  Take for example the old “Rule of Thirds”.   One page says follow the rule, some say ignore it, some say use it sometimes but not all the time, pretty soon your brain is spinning!

Unless you already know what you are looking for, it can be a very daunting confusing task to pick up some basic helpful photography tips for an average person just getting into it.  There is a lot of sexy sounding info that might lure someone down a rabbit hole into a topic they’re probably not really ready for.

This is why I came up with the idea for Simple Photo Tips. 

I wanted to create a place where you can pick up a few small things at a time to add to your skill set.  Easy to digest and apply.  Marked for your current skill level.  Info with some context built into it and trying to tell the why and the when around it as much as the what and the how. Will there be more advanced topics?  Yes.   Should you try them at some point?  Yes.   But not until you’ve incorporated some basics and can take the shots you want to take deliberately rather than accidentally.

I intend to provide a master catalog of all the posts, articles, tutorials, gear reviews and recommendations, in a somewhat ascending order.  From super basic to advanced.

If I veer off into long rambling technical explanations, get too detailed, provide more of the how and less of the when and the why, well I am very sorry, its a hazard of being absorbed by the very complex and technical world referred to as “photography”.   A nice note saying; hey I think you were being a little too detailed here, or not as clear there, is VERY welcome.  Constructive feedback is how we all improve.

Having said all of that, welcome and I will do my best to get you to the place you want to be with your photography.

Let’s do this thing!  Loyd