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Camera Bag Review – Peak Designs

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In this Camera Bag review, I am going to discuss the form, function and features of the Peak Design Camera Sling Bag.  I will compare their bag against a couple of popular brands to see how their camera bag stands up.  Enjoy this review!

The camera bag is the most important photo accessory you will own.  Your camera spends nearly its entire life in a bag (hopefully).  In the closet, traveling in the car or carrying it on the trail, the camera bag protects your camera from the elements.  And its also how you keep your other accessories organized and available to use with the camera.

There are so many choices out there and some decisions to make.  Large full carry bags where there is a ton of room for a lot of lenses and accessories.  Camera backpacks, where your camera shares space with other trail and hiking gear.  And smaller camera slings that hold the camera and enough other accessories for casual and spontaneous photography.

For me, I rarely need to take multiple lenses, dozens of accessories and assorted gear.  Therefore, a camera sling bag is just about right for an extra lens, spare battery and a few other things.  I have used larger bags and I carry around too much stuff that I don’t use.

Camera Sling Bag

Camera Bag Review – Peak Design Camera Sling Bag

Unlike some reviewers, I like to give you the bottom-line thoughts up front.  In my opinion this sets the stage for all the follow-on comments.  Plus, it gives the reader an idea if they want to continue reading right away.  So, given that here is my summary view of the Peak Design Camera Sling Bag. 

This is a fantastic camera bag!  Well made, stylish, durable and flexible in its internal organization capability.  It is not the least expensive bag on the market, but in this case, you more than get your monies worth!  And given the cost of your camera gear, it deserves a decent home!

I Personally own a Peak Design camera bag, and I own a couple of other brands.  The Peak Design bag is the one I use exclusively now.  The others I now use for different purposes.

This would also make an excellent gift for holidays, birthdays, graduation or other occasions!

Let’s move on into the detailed review of this camera bag.  I am going to break this into four sections:

  • Sizes and features
  • Construction and quality
  • Appearance and comfort
  • Cost and warranty

First up: Camera sling bag sizes and features

The Peak Design Camera Sling Bag comes in 3 sizes.  3L, 6L, 10L, where the L stands for liter.  You can pick the perfect size for your situation and photo gear.  The bag can be compartmented in infinite ways using the removeable FlexFold dividers.  The latches are all positive grip, and the weather proof zippers have security latch features.  All three sizes come with external carry straps for lashing on a tripod, or other external cargo.

3L Sling Features


The ideal minimalist 1-camera bag. Great for a single body+lens and a few accessories. A sling that’s also wearable as a hip bag.  The bag by itself weights 1.21 lbs. (0.55kg)

Camera Sling Bag 3L inside

Example camera carry

  • Small point and shoot camera
  • Mirrorless camera body / lens + 1 extra prime lens
  • Crop-sensor DSLR / lens + 1 extra prime lens
  • DLSR camera body / lens


  • 1 FlexFold divider
  • 2 large and 4 small internal stretchy pockets
  • 2 external carry straps
  • No tablet sleeve included in this size

6L Sling Features


A step up from the 3L, the 6L is a great solution for a small mirrorless, DSLR, or drone kit. Also makes the perfect travel personal item with its dedicated tablet sleeve. The bag by itself weights 1.72 lbs. (0.78kg)

Camera Sling Bag 6L inside

Example camera carry

  • Mirrorless camera body / lens + 1-2 extra lenses
  • DJI Mavic drone + controller, batteries, charger
  • Crop-sensor DSLR / lens + 1-2 extra lenses & accessories
  • DLSR camera body / lens + 1 extra lens
  • Fits a full-frame DSLR + 70-200 professional lens


  • 2 FlexFold divider
  • 2 large and 4 small internal stretchy pockets
  • 2 external carry straps
  • Padded tablet sleeve for up to 11” tablets

10L Sling Features


With an 13″ laptop sleeve, the 10L Sling sets up perfectly as a minimalist everyday work bag. As a photo bag, it’ll give you substantially more capacity than the 6L, while still feeling compact and streamlined. Also includes a strap for attaching to roller luggage. The bag by itself weights 1.94 lbs. (0.88kg)

Camera Sling Bag 10L inside

Example camera carry                

  • Mirrorless camera body / lens + 3-4 extra lenses
  • DJI Mavic drone + controller, batteries, charger
  • Crop-sensor DSLR / lens + 2-3 extra lenses
  • DLSR camera body / lens + 1-2 extra lens
  • Fits a full-frame DSLR + 70-200 pro lens + another lens


  • 2 FlexFold divider
  • 4 small internal stretchy pockets (no large ones)
  • 2 external carry straps
  • Padded tablet sleeve for up to 13” tablets or 13” laptops
  • High-capacity external zip pocket

Camera Bag Review – Peak Design Camera Sling Bag

Next up: Camera sling bag construction and quality

These camera bags are well made, water resistant and will probably outlast your camera.

Tough 400D double poly-coated Durable Water Repellant (DWR) impregnated nylon canvas shell.  High-visibility grey nylon interior. Seams are internal and double lock stitched with tough nylon thread.  Super-durable weather sealed UltraZips zippers.

Straps are made of internally padded nylon webbing with a hook style buckle and anodized aluminum adjuster and mounting swivels.  All other buckles and slide are made of glass reinforced nylon.

Camera sling bags are constructed with 100% recycled post-consumer material.

Next up: Camera sling bag use, appearance and comfort

The Peak Design Camera Sling Bag can be worn in several ways.  A loose over the shoulder sling.  Cinch up a little tighter for trail, hiking or longer walks, and with the 3L and 6L as a fanny pack.

Your camera is always just a zip away.   Having access to the camera quickly can mean the difference between capturing the moment and having it move right on by you.

This camera bag just shouts “professional” and “quality”.   It looks classy and stylish.   The strap swivels allow the strap to pivot so no matter how you are wearing it, it hangs naturally and is very comfortable.  The integrated strap pad sits perfectly on your shoulder.

Camera Bag Review – Peak Design Camera Sling Bag

Finally – Camera Sling Bag cost and warranty

As previously mentioned, these camera bags are not lower priced accessories.  However, given the quality, style and functionality of these bags, they are more than worth the cost.

The three sizes:  3L, 6L and 10L are retailed priced at $79, $99 and $149 respectively.

All of them carry a full lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.  I’ve had my bag for over 5 years and it still looks, feels and functions like its brand new.

Conclusion – Peak Design Camera Sling Bag Review

I hope this review provides a good look at the Peak Design bag, its features, quality and functionaity.  These really are top notch bags that as look and feel as good as they function. You would be hard pressed to pick a bag that is better than these for the price!

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