Easy photography ideas at home clock

Easy photography ideas at home

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There are times when we need to be home, but find we have a little free time on our hands.  Why not put it to good use and practice some photography?   I am going to give you some easy photography ideas at home for beginners.  Both inside and outside the house, that you can do for fun and as a learning experience.

Easy photography ideas at home

Easy photography ideas at home for beginners does not require a lot of equipment and props can be anything you have on hand.  You can make use of natural lighting both inside and outside.  You may be lucky enough to have a scene like the photo above just outside your home.  But if you don’t that’s ok, there are plenty of other subjects to use for creative photography.  Like this outdoor handing gizmo:


These ideas can be done with any camera you have including your smartphone.  Two of the photos in this post were taken with a Smartphone.  However, if you have a DSLR camera now would be a great time to learn more about using it.  So, grab your camera and let’s jump right in.

Easy photography ideas at home

Getting the low down

One of the best ways to see things from a different perspective is to get low, really low.   Get under things.  Look up through things.  It’s a different perspective that you don’t normally see.  One that can give you easy photography ideas at home for beginners. In the photo below I actually laid down on the floor with my camera sitting on the floor in front of me and took photos of my little puppy.

Challenge Photo Krissy Puppy

Food is always fun

I normally don’t make fancy looking meals.  But if I am trying for a good photo, I can be as fancy as any pro chef.   There are so many easy photography ideas at home for beginners in and around the kitchen.  Something as simple as a nice wine glass with a little amber liquid in it, next to a perfect place setting and a single candle lit.  Try to position so the candlelight it being picked up by the liquid.  By the way, you can use and amber liquid such as apple juice or even golden vinegar.

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Toys can be a great source of inspiration

If you have kids toys about, that can be a perfect opportunity for fun photos.  Posing toys in real life situations automatically creates easy photography ideas at home for beginners.  And it can help teach photo composition at the same time.  Little boats floating in a pan of water with some plant life around it.  Create a little lakeside landscape scene.  Photos with toys is only limited by your imagination.  How about a toy person, with toy car trouble by the side of the road?

Mirror, Mirror on the wall (or not)

If you have mirror that is not mount that can lead to easy photography ideas at home for beginners.  You can lean it against a wall, flat on a table or even outside.   Place objects next to it, or on top of it and look for great angles.  Even water drops made into interesting patterns on the mirror can be fun.  Take it around, set it down and move around it looking at the reflected image.   With the right location, position and timing you can create something amazing.

Easy photography ideas at home flat mirror

Easy photography ideas at home

A budding friendship

Flowers are a perfect subject for easy photography ideas at home for beginners.  You can just shoot them straight on or try to arrange them with other objects.  Indoors you can try out different mood lighting, even candles if you have them.  Outdoors there is plenty of opportunity for a variety of compositions.  My favorite is just after a shower while the petals are still covered with rain drops.


Speaking of outdoors

There are plenty of easy photography ideas at home for beginners in your own yard.  Not including the various flowers mentioned above, there are always other landscaping features.  Ponds, birdbaths, rocks, fence lines, etc.   And don’t forget the garage!  Assortments of small hand tools can make for interesting compositions.   In the photo below, I spotted this in someone’s yard.  Talk about having a ready-made subject for photography!

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Don’t be afraid to get wild

Wildlife is certainly an option.  You might have some squirrels hanging about.  And of course, bird’s a pretty much everywhere.  If you have a bird bath, feeders or birdhouses, these can be a great source of easy photography ideas at home for beginners.  It just requires a little patience, and if you have a zoom lens, even better.  I caught the sparrow below in my backyard one day.

Easy photography ideas at home sparrow

Don’t forget to include yourself

Self-portraits are certainly classified as easy photography ideas at home for beginners.  At home is a great place to practice the “selfie”.   You can be as creative as your imagination allows and if they don’t turn out, no problem.  That’s what the trash can is for.  And if you are just a little camera shy, you can always do a costume, mask, extreme makeup or just hide behind the camera like this photo:

Easy photography ideas at home

The conclusion to easy photography ideas at home

These are just some of the ideas.  If you have a hobby such as model building, sewing, woodworking, beading, anything really, then you have subjects for photography.  It’s really about imagination, staging, lighting and looking at things from different perspectives.

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I hope these ideas have helped you consider some of the possibilities in your own home.  Also don’t forget to look around in your immediate neighborhood.  There might be something out there right now that would make a good subject.  Get that camera out and give it a try!

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If you have any questions, comments, praise or other information to share, feel free to put it in the comments section below.  I’d love to read what you are thinking, what issues you are having, what topics you want to see covered or corrections that are needed.  Your input is valuable in helping me to help you and others learn and improve this thing we call photography.

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