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Geekoto Tripod Review
Geekoto X25 Defender Tripod

Geekoto Tripod Review

Overall Rating - 4.7 / 5.0

I’ve owned six other tripods during the last 12 years, including a high end Manfrotto, and for me nothing is as versatile as the Geekoto X25 Defender.  Small when folded, lightweight, sturdy and can assume multiple different forms.   I do a lot of landscape photography, and for me this is the best tripod for landscape photography.  Without any reservation, for the price this is my top pick for tripods for beginners to professionals. 

How I arrived at this rating: 

  • I use this tripod every time I go out to shoot.  In all manner of situations. 
  • I’ve read reviews and comments by other photographers, and studied the manufacturers specs. 
  • I have compared this to other tripods I have owned and those in the marketplace.

Let’s move on to the rest of this Geekoto Tripod Review and the details on the ratings below. 

With the legs and column fully extended this tripod measures 77″ high (6 Feet, 5 Inches).  When fully folded up its only 20″ long.  Folded up this easily fits across the top of my camera bag, and I latch the flap over it to hold it in place.  I use a Peak Design messenger type camera bag with a latched flap closure.  This could also easily attach to the bottom of a backpack.  It also comes with its own bag that has a carry handle and a shoulder strap.

With all of the different configurations this can be set up in, it is truly an amazing piece of photography gear!  The center column arm can be laid transverse as shown in the image below.  It can be used to reach out over an edge, or avoid getting closer objects into the frame.  And it can be underslung to get low to the ground.

Geekoto Tripod Review 4

Lightweight, sturdy, strong and durable

Made with 25mm large diameter magnesium aluminum alloy tubes and machined aluminum components, this is a very stable solid unit.  The tripod also features a removable leg.  It can easily be converted to a mono-pod of various configurations to take hiking and trekking.

Geekoto Tripod Review 3

Geekoto Tripod Review

For the price, the Geekoto Tripod has an awesome array of features, including a weight hook for adding even more stability to the stance.  I take a small mesh bag and just put a couple of rocks in it to hang on the hook.  This unit has twist locks on the legs which are much easier to use. Especially with cold hands and when you’re in a bit of a hurry to get set up and grab a fleeting shot.

Geekoto Tripod Review image 2

The Geekoto Tripod Review would be not complete without a list of Pros and Cons and a primary features rating.  So here goes:


  • Great value for the price
  • Can configure to any needed stance and position
  • Very tall when fully extended
  • Very short and portable when fully folded
  • More features than comparable high end tripods


  • Slightly heavier than other tripods this size due to 2 piece transverse center column
  • Center column lock sometimes finicky
  • No way to lock legs in reverse folded postion





4.8 / 5.0

4.9 / 5.0

4.7 / 5.0


4.8 / 5.0

Explanation of ratings:

  • For price rating, if this came in at $99.99 I would rate it 4.9 and for $79.99 a full 5.0, still $125.00 is a good price for this unit!
  • This tripod is missing only one feature, and that’s the ability to lock the legs when folded backwards.
  • For construction quality, the center column lock ring is a little annoying and would be so easy for Geekoto to make better

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Conclusion of the Geekoto Tripod Review

I hope you will find this Geekoto Tripod Review information useful and informative.  This is a great tripod!  Very flexible, portable and configurable.  The average street price is really hard to beat.  I would buy this again and, highly recommend this for anyone looking to get a great piece of camera gear that will last for a reasonable price.

Simple Photo Tips is an affiliate of Amazon and earns a small commission for any products purchased through links on this page.  I am however not compensated for this review by anyone.  The opinions expressed here are my own, based on personal experience, research and considering the opinions of others in the photography community.

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