Simple tips for awesome event photos

Simple tips for awesome event photos

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Event photography is fun, and it doesn’t require professional skills to take good photos. Of course, the more you practice, the better skills you develop. In this article I will share with you a few simple tips to get awesome event photos with minimum knowledge.

Back when I was a beginner photographer, I was asked by a friend to take photos her daughter’s pre-wedding celebration event. At that time, I had never taken any serious indoor photos. However, since this wasn’t the actual wedding, this was a great chance for me to practice my skills and gain some experience.

Gathering Light

Indoor photography requires light. The more light your subject has, the better the images will look. Having sufficient light also allows your camera to focus faster and more accurately. If your camera can’t focus fast enough, check your settings. Make sure the focus area is set to “center”, your ISO range is between 1600-6400 and your aperture is set at the widest value (i.e. f/3.5, f2/8, f/2.0 or wider).


Every new camera comes with a kit lens. The latest cameras provide good kit lenses regardless the brand you choose. The focal length of a standard kit lens (18-55mm) is enough to cover your needs. Nevertheless, if you need more reach, you have to use a telephoto lens (70-200mm or 70-300mm). So, before the day of the event, visit the place having your camera with you and check what focal length you will need.


Always choose the best image quality and megapixels your camera supports. Shoot in JPG and RAW if that’s an option. Make sure you have at least 64GB memory cards with you. If you’re completely amateur, you can use the AUTO MODE on your camera but the best choice is to use either A MODE (Aperture mode).  Or if you’re feeling confident, M Mode (Manual mode) for full control. Never exceed ISO 6400, use faster shutter speed to avoid getting blur images and choose the widest aperture your lens supports.

In the photo below, the brides brother poses with the bouquet.  Her expression is priceless.

Simple tips for awesome event photos

More simple tips to get awesome event photos

Taking generic photos and placing your subject in the middle will give a whole idea of what the event you’re shooting is all about. Although, you can be more creative and shoot in different angles, behind objects and place your subject using the rule of thirds. Usually low-angle shots give more depth of field and become more interesting rather than shooting from a middle level which is the most common.


Sometimes we don’t pay attention in the little things and those matter the most! For any kind of event photography, you need to have at least two memory cards with you, a cleaning kit, extra batteries and a tripod. Occasionally you might need an external flash, but if you haven’t purchased one yet, you can use the built in flash on your camera. Also, get the battery charger with you just in case you need it.


My first event photography photoshoot went really well. I learned a lot about my camera’s potential, the lenses I used (regarding the focal length and the aperture), and the settings. No matter the event, either it is a wedding, a graduation, a concert or a birthday party; you can take great images, just follow these simple tips to get awesome event photos.

Don’t overthink the details. All you need to do is think positive, put a smile on your face and take photos.  Lots of photos.  Events are real time events and they will never happen the same way again so the more photos you take the better. 

Try out these simple tips for great event photos and you’ll go just fine!

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If you have any questions, comments, praise or other information to share, feel free to put it in the comments section below.  I’d love to read what you are thinking, what issues you are having, what topics you want to see covered or corrections that are needed.  Your input is valuable in helping me to help you and others learn and improve this thing we call photography.

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