Tips to clean your camera

Tips to clean your camera and lens

This article will give you tips snd information to clean your camera and lenses. Some of this advice simply cannot be shared enough

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This article will give you tips to clean your camera and lens.  Some of this advice simply cannot be shared enough, like the upper case type in tip 1 for example.

Tips to clean your camera #1

DO NOT USE CANNED AIR OR COMPRESSED AIR.   Both of these have way too much pressure and can easily damage sensitive components or cause dust particle to become abrasive like sandpaper.   That means scratches, and scratches and cameras simply don’t mix. Also canned air contains a liquid propellant that is freezing cold and will damage shutters and sensors.

Cleaning Tip #2

Cleaning supplies.   Lens Cleaning wipes, Microfiber Lens cloth, Small soft haired brush, small squeeze type air puffer, soft lint free cloth, small alcohol wipes (can be found in the drug department under diabetic supplies). I usually keep this stuff in a quart sized Ziplock bag that is easy to stuff into my camera bag.

Tips to clean #3

Cleaning the lens.  Be sure to keep a cap on the one you are NOT cleaning to protect it.  Using one of the lens wipes, gently clean the back of the lens (the part that goes in the camera, and then buff with the microfiber cloth.  Using an alcohol wipe, gently clean the metallic electrical contacts on the back of the lens. Perform the same operation on the front of the lens, other than the alcohol wipe as there are no contacts on the front.

Tip #4

Cleaning the camera body.  Hold the body with no lens attached, face down and tap on the bottom and back to expel anything that may be inside.  Using the puffer blow puffs into the body and different angles to dislodge dust or other particles.  Repeat the tapping procedure. Gently brush around the opening, clean the contacts and replace the lens.

Cleaning Tip #5

Using the lint free cloth, wipe down the entire exterior of the camera and lens.   Before putting the cloth away, shake it out to ensure its free from debris.   Launder the cloth now and then.

Bonus Tip #6

Many DSLR’s have a dust data feature that will take a reference photo (white sheet of paper) and use that to determine if there are any spots in the image.  If dust spots are found, the camera will try to remove the spot using adjacent image information to fill in.

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